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Escort Services and the Business Model

Sexy business woman

Sexy business woman

Offering physical pleasure for cash or kind is a well practiced work culture since historical edges. Previously the version was quite raw and it meant only cheap physical pleasure for money. The concept changed slowly in the last three to four decades. The needs of the customers are changing rapidly and along with it the service evolved. In the old days there was no such industry regarding this service. People used to do this as individual freelancers. Slowly it developed as an industry. Now it is more than a service, it is a business model with tremendous growth. This business will keep on doing its part as the demand is never going to diminish. After all, “men will be men”. Continue reading


Montreal at Night: Find the Real Stuff under the Glitz

Many young people in a night club

Many young people in a night club

Nightlife of Montreal is all about glamour, glitz, fun and pleasure. This has been named one of the sin cities of America and for a long time now, it has been living up to its name. If you are visiting this city, then the light, song, booze and so many options for having fun will be enough to impress you. Not only that, it can be quite baffling to you too. Amongst all those options and funs, you may end up forgetting about the option of fun you were looking for. So, you need to get settled and then search for what you want. Continue reading

How to Choose a Sensual Massage Parlor in Montreal?

Intimate massage. Naked sensual woman massaging a man.

Intimate massage. Naked sensual woman massaging a man.

If you are visiting Montreal with only one aim in mind, pleasure, then you won’t be disappointed. This city has so much to offer you that you will forget counting and not only that, you will also be able to soak yourself in almost every kind or carnal pleasure you want. There won’t be any problem, unless you have the money and you choose wisely. If you are thinking about opting for the sensual massage in Montreal, then you will have hundreds of options, but you need to choose the one which will appeal to you most and will serve you in the best way. Continue reading

Montreal and Passion go side by side


Attractive woman posing in red light

Montreal is called the “Sin city of the North” since it offers all that is sinful. Adult entertainment in all forms is easily available where your discreet fantasies would come true. You could date with your male escort and make a night worth remembering as you see your fantasies come true, in front of you.

Montreal is the second largest city of Canada and is gaining popularity amongst tourists of all kinds. The travelers at times want to indulge in what they are not supposed to, thus Montreal gives them plenty of choices. You could explore, relish each choice, and get fun, love and pure entertainment in return. Montreal offers vibes which are relaxing, fun filled and affordable. Continue reading

What is City Tours for Escorts?

Lying sexy young girl wearing full-rim glasses

Lying sexy young girl wearing full-rim glasses

If you are somehow comparing the city tours of escorts with the musical tours than happen once in a while, then you are not wrong. These tours are quite similar in the fact that both of them take the performer to the new cities and countries and places. The similarities end there and the disparities rear their heads. The main aim of the musical tours is to introduce a performer to a new city and country and help him or her to earn a lot of money. The main aim of these tours by escorts is to introduce them  to the interested people and help them earn loads of money. Continue reading

The Classic Style: A Smoking Jacket


Classic suit

Montreal – Someone has truly said that fashion is momentary but style is forever. That is why the fashion changes every season, but it takes a long time to establish a style and then it goes on for a long time. Some of the styles and stylists become iconic and the people of Montreal have discovered it recently. A style may get to the backdrop for a while, but if it is a really good style, then it will be rediscovered, tweaked a little and then it will come along alright. Such a style is the smoking jacket for women and the strip clubs in Montreal is experiencing them overtime. Continue reading