Escort Services and the Business Model

Sexy business woman

Sexy business woman

Offering physical pleasure for cash or kind is a well practiced work culture since historical edges. Previously the version was quite raw and it meant only cheap physical pleasure for money. The concept changed slowly in the last three to four decades. The needs of the customers are changing rapidly and along with it the service evolved. In the old days there was no such industry regarding this service. People used to do this as individual freelancers. Slowly it developed as an industry. Now it is more than a service, it is a business model with tremendous growth. This business will keep on doing its part as the demand is never going to diminish. After all, “men will be men”.

Now a day this has become an organized and developed business segment. In cities like Montreal the service is legally regularized. Big escort agencies like Luxury Montreal Escorts operate there professionally. In most of the cities the agencies are registered such that they are agencies which supply their clients with companions for social and communicational service. The physical services are offered mostly off the record. The agencies work like a bridge of connection between the customers and the escorts. They charge you for this service. You must be wondering that why to pay this extra charge to the agency? Why not hiring individual escorts directly? Well, the answers are security factor and communication factor. Where from will you get your escort girl? It’s not a service which is available in a store! Again there will be no one to look at the compatibility factor.  You will run out of choice. The major most issue is the security factor. Suppose you hire a girl and visit her place and become victim of some criminal activity. No one will take the responsibility of your damage. But with a proper escort agency you get numerous options to choose your type of girl and get a security assurance. This is worth the little charges. Isn’t it?

The agency sets a meeting in between the customer and the escort as per convenience of the customers. The meeting can be of two different kinds, one is in-call and another is outcall. In-call meetings are arranged at the escort’s place or at the agency’s place. The outcall meets are arranged in customer’s place or in any hotel room specified by the customer. The agencies coordinate the whole stuff altogether. Big agents of Montreal provide a number of additional luxury services for extra charges.

So, this is in short the business model of the escort services. No doubt this industry has good growth potential. This is one unconventional business that exists in the market since many years and still shows a good sign to move on further.

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